The Best Business Card Holder Designs

The main purpose of a business card holder is to display a business card. Although this may not sound very important, I can assure you that it actually is. These holders can be very important for the way a person displays their business cards because they can often times make the difference between an amateur and a professional display. These card holders are also mainly used in retail stores, travel agencies, financial institutions, service providers and waiting offices. These are only a few examples of the establishments in which the card holders are used. We will further talk about some of the best and most efficient card holder designs available.

The first design that we are going to talk about is the desktop business card holder. This holder type is mainly intended to be placed on a counter top or table. This design is actually very practical and widely used around the whole world. The desktop business card holder normally features one pocket, but some also come with eight. It is important that you place your cards within reach, no matter if you are a mechanic or a sales representative. By doing this you ensure that both parties are profiting; you profit because you make it easy for the customer to get the information and the customer profits because he has easy access to the information that he wishes to learn. By providing your information to the customer you actually really improve your chances of doing business with him in the future. He might also recommend you to his family or friends. This is a win-win situation.

You can also opt for the wall-mount holders. These business holders offer a very different take on the whole situation. As their name implies, these holders are placed on the wall instead of the counter top or desktop. These business card holders are planned for being used in public places, for the general public. They don’t aim for a certain customer type. These wall mounted holders usually feature a great number of card pockets, some even consisting of 60! They are used in worldwide public places, such as libraries, coffee houses, community centers, chambers of commerce and town halls.

We can conclude that a business holder for cards is actually very important for any business model, because it provides a nice overview of the provided services. By using these you will dramatically increase the likelihood of future business!

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Get ‘Em Organized Through Business Card Holders

Who doesn’t have a business card? Business cards are the most affordable, portable, and versatile tool for self-marketing. No other medium for exchanging contact information is as readily accepted as the business card. Over the years, the role of business cards in every conceivable industry has only gained more importance. Today, a business card is no longer a means for leaving contact information. It has been turned many times into an ad, a mini-coupon, a brochure, or even a CD-rom presentation. Business cards have become the hip and cheap way to grab attention and keep it.

The importance of business cards to the conduct of business – both online or off – cannot be overemphasized, and it is precisely for this reason that business card cases would make very good executive gifts.

Confused over what to give an officemate? Puzzling over what to get your boss? Bewildered over what to give out as promotional items? Pick business card holders! Business card holders are no different from business cards themselves in many aspects. Both are portable, affordable, and absolutely useful.

Business Card Holders: Efficient Organizer

It’s a sight you see often enough. Executives meet and exchange business cards. If they are like most people, they stuff their business cards inside their wallets. There is nothing wrong with this, except that over time, these executives would amass so many business cards their wallets would bulge most unbecomingly.

Help your friends, co-workers, or acquaintances organize their collection of business cards by giving them business card holders. With business card holders, they can remove the paper pile from their wallet and put all of these inside a compact and beautiful means for storage.

Business Card Holders: Versatile Means for Organization

The best thing about business card holders is that they come in an array of designs, with many variations in colors, shapes, and themes. There are silver business card holders for the classy and the tasteful. Then, there are wooden business card holders for those who prefer a touch of nature. There are also business card holders with zebra prints or psychedelic swirls for the artistic and the whimsical. There are all types of business card holders for all types of personalities. In fact, when it comes to the look and feel of business card holders, your only limitation is the reach of your imagination.

Advantages of Using Business Card Holders

1. Prevent co-mingling

If your co-workers or friends can put their business and personal affairs in good working order, there’s no reason they cannot do the same with their business cards. With business card holders, business cards can be properly grouped for easy access.

2. Easy tracking

Many people have more than one business card holder. One holder is for contacts belonging to a certain group or industry, for example. Another would be for the business cards of acquaintances one does not work with in the office, for example. So, when you need to find the contact details of one person, all you have to do is rummage through a specific holder.

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Three Styles of Business Card Holders For Professional Display

Business card holders display business cards. A simple statement to be sure, but one often misinterpreted. These card holders are not the personal card cases business professionals keep on their person. Rather, these kinds of card displays are designed for organizing and presenting contact information in a physical setting. Waiting rooms, offices, travel agencies, retail stores, financial institutions, and service providers are all examples of establishments where business card holders are displayed. Broken down, there are three major categories of card displays. Let’s take a look at their features:

Desktop business card holders are smaller card displays intended for table or counter top use. Often sold as single pockets or as many as eight pockets in a multi-tiered design, desktop holders are close to where the action is. Whether placed on a sales representative’s desk or situated on the mechanic’s service counter, a card is always within reach. After the concluding of an agreement, service, or purchase, the proprietor usually hands out a business card as a parting token. This action is agreeable to both parties; the customer or consumer now has an easy way to contact the proprietor while the proprietor looks at the card as a marketing tool. Their customer could very well recommend or pass on the contact information to their friends or family. These desktop card holders provide an attractive way to present cards, and in the eye of the consumer the displays project neatness and professionalism.

Wall-Mount business card holders provide a different take altogether. Instead of living in close proximity to the desktop or counter top, these displays are mounted to the walls. Offering a more utilitarian purpose, wall-mount card holders are intended for the public at large with no connection to an agreement, service, or purchase. A typical wall-mount display consists of an array of card pockets, numbering from 9 or 12 or as many as 60. These card displays are often used in public locations where information is made available, such as libraries, community centers, coffee houses, town halls, and chambers of commerce. These establishments make it their responsibility to provide the public with local business information for the taking. This gives the small business owner or one-man shop some much needed marketing in a highly visual manner. Wall-mount card displays are the visual interpretation of written classified ads.

Multi-Purpose business card holders are the embodiment of two marketing strategies, that of the business card and the literature holder. Pairing the two together creates a one-two marketing punch applicable for virtually any commercial sales task. Typically, a card holder is mounted to the face of a brochure holder or literature pocket, offering product literature along with the company’s contact information. Good examples of applications for these displays include car dealerships, trade show booths, home improvement centers, and most retail sales establishments. Patrons and customers can pick up color brochures advertising the product at hand while retaining the contact information of the local salesperson or sales branch. These dual-purpose card displays provide organization to the sales atmosphere, and people love taking away free product literature.

These business card displays give a good overview of what they are used for and how they compliment everyday business. One of the best attributes going for them is their low cost/high return quotient. The possibility of future business and referrals far outweighs the cost of the business card holder!

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